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Hames Ware was the co-author with Jerry Bails of the original 1973 version of the WHO's WHO OF AMERICAN COMIC BOOKS.

Carlton Hames Ware was born on August 20, 1943 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. His father, Carlton Victor Ware, Jr. (1912-1978) was born in Arkansas. His mother, Marjorie Frances Hames (1917-1988), was born in New York, where her father was a prosperous doctor. After moving to Arkansas to open a radiology clinic, Marjorie met and fell in love with Carlton. They married in Arkansas on Decemebr 10, 1941 and had three children, Hames (b.1943), Allen (1947), and Lynn (b.1949). The father worked with the grandfather, Carlton Victor Ware, Sr. (1886-1975) as dealers in seeds and fertilizers. The children all attended the local schools in Pine Bluff.

In 1961 Hames Ware graduated from Pine Bluff High School.

In 1965 he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science and Education from Henderson State University.

In 1967 he received a Masters degree in Speech and Communications from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

For the next six years he taught speech in Pine Bluff high school until 1972, after which he worked as an Education Coordinator for Youth Home Incorporated.

In 1973 Hames Ware was the orignal co-author with Jerry Bails of the first edition of the WHO's WHO OF AMERICAN COMIC BOOKS.

He also enjoyed a career as a voice actor on Arkansas radio and television advertising.

During his last decades he worked for the Central Arkansas Library System.

Hames Ware donated his collection of research notes on the artists from the golden age of comic books to Columbia University Rare Books & Manuscripts Library in New York City.

Hames Ware died at the age of seventy-five in Little Rock, Arkansas, on September 5, 2018.



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